Finding the right elevator for a home is not always a simple task. Unlike commercial buildings that are designed to accommodate lifts from the beginning, residential elevators often have to work within very limited space.

Because we have the most extensive range of residential lifts in Australia, we can always find the most appropriate lift to suit your needs.

Take a look through the range and if we can answer any questions you have, or you’d like an obligation free quote, just give us a call or click on our quick quote form and fill out the details.




Fido Lift & Fido Plus (AS 1735 Part 18)

The Fido Lifts are Italian designed and manufactured hydraulic models.  They come in a range of popular sizes and finishes, with swing or sliding doors and speeds of 0.15m/s or 0.30 m/s.

The Fido Lift has a pit of only 105mm if ordered with a swing door, and a pit of 150mm with a sliding door.  It comes in either 250kg or 325kg carrying capacity.
The Fido Lift Plus is larger with a pit of 210mm regardless of door types and has a weight carrying capacity of either 350kg or 500kg.


Centoducati Fido & Fido Plus


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Delight Home Lift (AS 1735 Part 18)

The Delight Home Lifts are beautifully presented. They’re multinational by design, having Italian Hydraulics (GMV), Japanese Controller (Mitsubishi) and Chinese assembly. 

Delight will customise to suit a particular taste or application and the lifts are sized to suit including width, depth, and height. There is an abundant choice of finishes.

The Delight Home Lifts only require a pit of 100mm and headroom of 2700mm for the 2 metre high cabin or 2800mm for the 2.1m high cabin.

The speeds available are 0.15m/s & 0.25m/s with single phase power or 0.3m/s with three phase power.  There are three carrying capacity options:  250kg, 320kg and 400kg


Delight Home Lift


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Maison Lift

The MaisonLift is an ideal solution for multi-storey homes. It is a European designed and manufactured hydraulic solution suitable for homes with or without a shaft.

It is an excellent solution for homes with pit and headroom limitations, particularly for rooftop decks where height limitations are an issue.

Features & Benefits:
- Small pit depth of 200 mm and a tiny headroom of only 2450mm
No need for extra space for machine room
Automatic emergency evacuation
Low energy consumption
Very quite, almost noiseless operation: 45-50db


Kleemann Maison Lift


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MRL Home Lift G2

Koyo’s MRL Home Lift G2 is an extremely affordable sliding door residential lift solution

Key Features and Benefits:
- Small pit only 300mm
- Low headroom only 2900mm
- VVVF Traction machine means a very energy efficient and smooth ride
- Travels at 0.3m/s (fastest allowable speed according to AS 1735.18)
- Has a cabin door, meaning greater safety than lifts with no cabin doors.


KoyoMRL Home Lift G2


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Suite (AS 1735 Part 18)

The Suite is an Italian designed and manufactured hydraulic or Traction lift.
For its quality, it is one of the best value for money lifts in the world. It can be ordered sized to suit your area and in many different shapes.

In fact, the Suite Hydraulic solution provides the largest cabin size for a given shaft size of any lift in our range (perhaps in the market). It is available with speeds of 0.15m/s or 0.30 m/s, and with either swing doors or sliding doors.

The required pit depth starts as low as 70 mm and the headroom has a minimum requirement of 2550mm. They can be installed in a masonry shaft or we can provide a steel or aluminium shaft to suit.



Nova Suite


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